Welcome to Reversed TV

Hi there, I'm Shawn Vaillancourt, A seasoned reverse mortgage advisor. After being in the mortgage buiness for 8 years I became a business finance broker and then in 2010 I got started doing reverse mortgages. My journey with reverse mortgages led me down a few different paths. I became interested in digital marketing and then went on to create a reverse mortgage YouTube Channel called ReversedTV (hence, the name of this website), and several Reverse Mortgage Podcasts.

My reverse mortgage journey also led to me creating a reverse mortgage division for a local direct lender. I worked there for several years. During that time I started a website offering unbiased Reverse Mortgage Info.

Now, as of 2022, I work for the best San Clemente Mortgage Broker, called LifeSource Mortgage. My adventure with LifeSource is both doing Revere Mortgages, traditional loans, and digital marketing for the company.

Prior to getting into the loan business, I graduated from Vally Christian High School in 1990. From there, I went on to attend Cal State University Long Beach where I majored in Spanish.